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Virtual Exterior Design Services for Residential Homeowners

► Having trouble deciding on colors?
► Feeling paralyzed by choices?
► Need help visualizing your options?
► Delaying your project because you don’t know where to start?
Mirk Studios can Help!!! Try Our Virtual Exterior Design Services!
1.  Choose the package you are interested in - click here
2.  Snap a front facing photo of your home using a high resolution camera (any modern cell phone should do!)  Avoid direct sunlight, cloudy days will show the best results!
3.  Provide details on what you want to see changed to your home, provide color preferences and/or details you want to see on your home exterior 
4.  We will then provide you with an invoice from PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account to submit the payment) with the exact amount for the reimagined picture of your home. 
5.  Generally 2-4 weeks from when payment is received, you will receive a high resolution photo of your updated home which you can provide to your chosen contractor.
3 Easy Steps!

Our professional Virtual Exterior Design Services will help you determine all materials and color design strategy without any guessing.

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Send us a front facing photo of your home.

We Perform Exterior Virtual Design & Revisions

Our design team will work their magic!

You Construct our Exterior Virtual Design

Construct to match our virtual design.


View our Virtual Exterior Design Packages

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