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Visual design has been an integral part of my life since working in my family’s Chicago print shop as a teenager.  That early passion propelled me forward in the multimedia arts, where I obtained a bachelor’s of arts degree in 2005.  The idea behind and core purpose of Mirk Studios has evolved many times over the years as my interests and visual design skill sets have evolved.  When first established in 2010, we specialized in digitally restoring and colorizing old photographs for clients who feared their precious photographic memories were beyond repair.  As time has progressed, we further adapted and honed our digital design expertise to assist clients with a variety of different projects, ranging from company branding and logos to working closely with local hospitals and medical offices to design and 3D-print PPE parts amidst the recent pandemic-related shortages.
Similar to many people this year, my partner and I decided that our annual vacation budget would be better spent updating our home’s exterior and outdoor space, since staying home is now all the rage, and likely will be for some time.  Like many similarly-situated homeowners, we quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of choices offered by various contractors and shocked at the hefty price tags that accompanied their services.  While we were committed to the concept of renovating, we find ourselves paralyzed in the details of it all.  Time and time again, we asked the exterior contractors to share with us a realistic image of what our home would look like before we invested many thousands of dollars in an end product we could not see.  To our dismay, no one could offer us this visual guidance.  And unless we spent many more thousands of dollars to hire an architect to help us bring our vision to life, we were stuck with the prospect of making a very expensive gamble.  
Fortunately, my digital design experience ended up saving us a lot of headaches and heartaches.  Using high quality images of our existing home, I was able to test out a number of colors, finishes, and other exterior-related changes to create a design we felt confident in before we handed a single dollar over to a contractor.  This is how the latest iteration of Mirk Studios was conceived.  
MirkStudios is now offering the same design services my partner and I used to ensure the costly updates to our home were exactly what we wanted – to now assist other homeowners out there that find themselves similarly lost and overwhelmed.  Our services allow you to visualize that dream update to your home's exterior, without ever hammering a nail or painting a single stroke.  Everything is done digitally, allowing you to truly see and appreciate the changes in aesthetic of your home before making a down payment to the contractor.
Making an investment in design is crucial in today's market because everyone is looking for that eye catching feature.  Whether you need help in designing the exterior of your home, or simply assistance in visualizing a proposed renovation, color choice, or material selection offered by a contractor, MirkStudios promises to deliver the detailed digital design services you need to visualize and validate your design concept before you break the bank!
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